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Privacy & Security FAQ

Track My Medical Records

How is my personal health record data transmitted between my device and the service?

Since your personal health records contain sensitive information, we use only encrypted (SSL) connections to transfer data to and from your device or computer.

Where is the data for my medical records stored?

The database is stored on redundant servers on a private network behind a firewall and not directly accessible from the web.  Additionally, the database servers cannot be directly logged into from anyone but trusted hosting personnel.  For more information on the physical and software security of the service, see here.

How else is my personal health record data secured?

Your account information (e.g. email and password) and patient/child information is encrypted in the database to ensure that even backups of the database cannot be used by anyone else.

Are you sharing my personal health record information with others?

Neither your personal information, nor that of those you enter is shared with any other organization or provider.  Additionally, since the information is encrypted in the database, even our own team does not have direct access to personal information.  However, aggregate information, such as the number and percentage of patients with a particular condition, or percentage of patients using a particular drug, etc.,  may be shared with business partners.
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